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how long does perfume last

How long does perfume last?

  Can perfume go bad? And when it does, what happens? How do you know perfume is still safe to use? The article contains everything you need to know plus we share a couple of tips to help your perfume last for years, so let’s

our perfume bottle

The Story of Our Perfume Bottle

Did you know that with most mainstream designer brands you pay more for the perfume bottle than for the product inside? Yes, perfume is a luxury item, but it’s also an everyday product. If we want you to use and enjoy our fragrances daily, we

perfume notes explained

Perfume Notes Explained

What are perfume notes?   Most perfumes aren’t just one constant smell, but more of a ‘journey’. What you perceive when you first spray on a fragrance is not what you’ll get hours later; instead, the prevailing scent evolves and changes through the day. Some

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