PRIM | Natural Rose Perfume | Vegan & Cruelty-free


1.69 fl oz / 50 ml size or 7.5 ml travel size

Made with organic Bulgarian rose absolute, the queen of rose scents! A romantic yet sophisticated choice for daytime or evening wear, Prim adds a modern twist to the classic rose perfume.



Opening with juicy cherry, bergamot orange and blood orange notes, Prim evolves into a delicious rose scent with delicate hearts of peony and jasmine.

The vanilla base gives this rose fragrance sumptuously sweet undertones, and a fresh tone is added by lush vetiver and muguet flowers. Hints of patchouli and myrrh turn this classic scent into a more complex treat for your senses.

Perfect for lovers of rose perfumes or floral fragrances, Prim was inspired by a gentle yet strong, compassionate and self-confident woman. The rose is an eternal symbol of love and passion, making this scent a gorgeous gift for any romantic occasion, too.

How to use

To smell like wonderful roses all day (and night), spritz Prim 3-4 times at the back of your neck, and once behind each ear. We even spray a little onto our pillows before bedtime. Sweet dreams!

Featured perfume notes

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What our customers say

    5 star review  I absolutely love my 2 new fragrances from Splash of Scent! I think the name says it all. Both scents are a perfect addition to any outfit without being overpowering. They are subtle but still unique. I think Caramel Popcorn will be my everyday scent as it definitely has that fun yet understated smell that you want with you as you go about your day and meet new people. With Prim I got a lot of positive reaction when I wore it and would love to pull that out for special occasions or more formal nights. I don’t know why that just had an evening / sexy scent to me! Nothing saying you can’t wear that all day, that was just my take! Another impressive aspect was the bottle shapes and sizes. They’re sleek and thin and perfect for ease of carrying around. Also, they photograph beautifully which is a big deal for me! I will be doing a full post on these scents on my blog soon! Thank you Splash of Scent!

    thumb Allison Harrison

    5 star review  I LOVE Splash of Scent! I had the opportunity to smell many of their fragrances, and it was so hard to choose which one I liked best! I ended up getting Prim, which I have no regrets about, and I know I'll be getting several of their others, very soon!!

    thumb Bryn Roos

    5 star review  I've been looking for a clean, one-of-a-kind scent. Prim is it! I reminds me of west-coast, CA adventures! Absolutely love Prim & it's LA-based creator.

    thumb Liz Poole

    5 star review  Love the product, especially Prim! The product doesn’t have any harmful ingredients, which is a plus since I have a sensitive two-year-old.

    thumb Annamaria Anico

    5 star review  Love the smell & how unharmful it is to the body & the skin! It’s gentle yet potent ��

    thumb Jenn Andrelczyk