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Shop smart and you’ll always walk away happy with your selection! Here is our full guide on how to buy perfume with some tips that will help you find the right perfume for you!

We’ve all been there. Having worked our way to the department store, we are finally facing the perfume counter where a friendly (most of the time) lady (again, most of the time) will try to make you smell the latest ___ (fill in the blanks.)

Maybe you do it, maybe you don’t. But what you will feel is that the pressure (to buy) is on. So after a couple of sniffs, you might be tempted to buy one of the perfumes or colognes.

Unfortunately though, splashing out on a perfume that pleases your nose in the store, only to find it lasts about twenty minutes on your skin, is an all-too common disappointment.

 Here are some top tips to shop for perfume:

buy perfume use blotters


When you’re in a department store, the shopping assistant will often offer you a complimentary spritz of (insert latest new celebrity or designer scent)”, aiming the bottle at your wrist with a friendly smile.

Of course, it’s tempting to be offered anything free in a store, but unless this happens to be the perfume you came to try, don’t take them up on their offer. As generous as it seems, these shop assistants mostly work on commission and are incentivised to push certain perfumes onto customers.

Accepting the complimentary spray opens up an opportunity for them to meet sales quotas by engaging you in conversation about the particular brand they’re touting, how good it smells on you, the special edition box set… you get the picture.

You are in the shop to look for a scent that befits you, not to be talked into the latest brand that is spending marketing dollars there. So hold off with spraying fragrance on your skin right away.

Instead, if you are curious about a particular fragrance, ask for it on a paper blotter so you can get a feel for it first. Once you’ve found a scent that you like, then move on to the next step – trying it on your skin.

When a shop does not offer you paper blotters, there is only one thing to do: walk away.

buy perfume spray it on


Once you find a perfume that appeals to you on paper, the next step is to try it on your skin. Everyone’s body chemistry and temperature is a little different, so it’s important to know how it works on you before buying.

Apply some on your wrists or inner elbows, and see how the perfume develops and expands as it dries on your skin. Do you like the diffusion, the strength? If you’re shopping with friends, let them take a whiff too.

If it smells good to you right away, that’s a great sign. But it’s still not time to buy just yet, if you want to really make sure it works for you.

buy perfume walk out


When sampling perfumes in a shop, it can be tempting to snap up a bottle of whatever smells glorious on the shelf, or even on your skin. But whatever you’ve fallen in love with is only the first impression.

If you like how it smells on your wrist, write the fragrance name and type (eau de parfum, eau de toilette, etc) on a blotter and then walk away. Go home. Wait, and keep sniffing your wrist every half hour or so for the rest of the day or however long it lasts.

See how long it lasts, and whether you still love it after a few hours’ development on your skin. Wait until the next day, if you have the option to do so. Then make your decision.

buy perfume ask friends


Perfumes are per definition a social experience. So why not involve those close to you in the purchasing process? Just wear it home and ask someone close to you, “Do you like my perfume?”

It can be fun to see what people tell you. Maybe they’ll say it smells exactly like the perfume you already wear every day, or maybe they’ll wrinkle their nose and tell you it doesn’t suit you. Hopefully, if you love it, they’ll love it too.

Of course, if you really enjoy a scent, there’s nothing stopping you from buying it, no matter what the feedback.,, but either way, your friends are a great testing-ground, and it costs nothing to ask for their opinion.


While it’s true that certain cheaper scents can linger (sometimes longer than you want them to), most of the time the longest-lasting perfumes are the costlier versions. This can apply to brand positioning (e.g., high-end versus drugstore scents),but more importantly, to formulation. An eau de parfum is always going to have a higher concentration of quality ingredients than a body spray, for instance.

Price-wise, it may seem like a bargain to get that big bottle of body spray, but remember that you often only need to apply a fraction of the amount with a higher-concentration product, so you may not be saving much in the long run. Instead, you may be sacrificing quality and longevity, both in the bottle and on your skin.

buy perfume online


Of course, one of the easiest way to avoid sales pressure in the modern world of shopping is to take the experience home.

Many online retailers offer detailed descriptions of scents, as well as sensible return policies. So, once you’ve braved the department store and determined what type(s) of scent appeal to you, consider using the Internet to take the next step.

Not only can you browse for as long as you want, you can often save money by buying from brands or shops that don’t have all the overheads of retail floor space and pushy sales staff!

Or you could just buy direct from artisanal producers who offer natural toxic-free perfumes such as Splash of Scent (hey, that’s us!). We offer superb perfumes and scents at extremely reasonable prices!

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