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The Story of Our Perfume Bottle

Did you know that with most mainstream designer brands you pay more for the perfume bottle than for the product inside?

Yes, perfume is a luxury item, but it’s also an everyday product. If we want you to use and enjoy our fragrances daily, we need to make sure the perfume itself is the star of the show! This means keeping the cost of the bottle realistic – and definitely lower than the price of the actual perfume – so we can pass those savings on to you.

This is also why we do not design a whole new bottle for every new perfume release. All of our fragrances come in the same elegant, minimalist, but high-quality bottle.

Of course, while for us the perfume reigns, and while we create perfumes with the highest quality ingredients, we do still believe bottles are important.

So how did we end up with our current choice of bottles for you?

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Easy to use

After hours of testing various bottle shapes, we chose to go with a classic cylindrical shape. We found that this shape felt most natural and comfortable in the hand, without any awkwardness. We also chose a spray mechanism that delivers a good, powerful fine spritz, to open up the scent to just the right degree.

Great design

Just because we didn’t want to add a huge design cost to the price, doesn’t mean we wanted an ugly bottle for our fine perfumes! We opted for a refined, minimal look, which looks both refined and timeless. The bottle has nicely proportioned dimensions and a clean, beautiful label. The heavy glass base asserts that this is a luxury product.

Excellent material

Our perfume bottles are made in France by a renowned bottle manufacturer with decades of tradition and experience in glass bottles. As a material, the glass has an exceptional clarity and brilliance. The base is heavy, which speaks to the quality and robustness of the vessel. You can be assured that your perfume is housed in a high quality bottle.

Cost effective

With many of the commercial perfumes today only 2 percent of the price you pay is actually the perfume itself. Surprised? Read more on why perfumes are so expensive. But as perfume lovers ourselves, we want to help more people enjoy perfume by offering them at affordable prices. Part of this commitment is making sure that the primary production costs of our perfumes are in the ingredients and the processing – not the packaging and marketing!


Have you ever bought a perfume just because of the appearance of the bottle? Or maybe you decided against a perfume because you hated its bottle? Let’s face it, for some consumers, the perfume bottle is part of the decision.


But at the end of the day, if you had to choose between basing your purchase solely on the bottle or on the actual perfume you’re buying, what would you rather do?

We love a great-looking perfume bottle as much as anyone else. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with collecting beautiful designer and vintage bottles to display on your dressing table! For us, however, the top priority is bringing you a seriously high-quality perfume at an honest price point.

All of these factors went into our bottle choice, and we hope that you like the result as much as we do. Of course, even more importantly, we hope you’ll truly enjoy the Splash of Scent inside!

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  1. I love this! I love the bottles too they are so sleek and minimalist like you said. They’re cute and perfect to fit in a makeup bag, purse, or even a pocket! Loved reading how you arrived at that!

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